Rules for RRV's  “Joesy Wales” category (as of 14-February-2013)


A club level category inspired by the movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales" is available at some clubs.  The basic idea is to replace the rifle with 2 more pistols.  The following are the rules for a Josey Wales category at the Robbers Roost Vigilantes club.


The Josey Wales category generally follows the SASS rules, including those concerning firearm and sight modifications. The “Firearms Covenants” section of the SASS Shooter’s Handbook is the appropriate reference for these. Costuming, holster etc. requirements are the same as for SASS age based categories. 

The term "extra pistols" will be used below to indicate the two pistols that are used in place of the rifle. 

Rules Specific to the Joesy Wales category

Revolvers: Revolvers must be single action type. Only fixed sight revolvers are allowed. Any SASS legal, fixed sight main match revolver is allowed.

Rifle: Rifles are not used.  Where the stage instructions call for a rifle, 2 extra pistols are used.  

    - The extra pistols may be staged safely, or may be drawn from a holster.  The SASS holster rules apply to these holsters.  The shooter is reminded to take special care that pistols carried in extra holsters are carried safely, and drawing and re-holstering are done safely.

    - Loading at the loading table:  Loading of the extra pistols follows the SASS rules, no more than 5 rounds may be loaded and the hammer must be down on an empty chamber. The extra pistols may only be loaded with the number of rounds that are specified for the rifle in the stage instructions, loading extra rounds will be assessed as a procedural penalty.  If the number of rifle rounds is 10, five rounds are loaded in each pistol.  If this number is less than 10 the distribution of the rounds between the two pistols is up to the shooter, but no pistol may be loaded with more than 5 rounds.  If the number is more than 10 only five rounds per pistol may be loaded at the loading table, the remaining may be loaded on the clock, either after drawing the the pistol or after the pistol is empty, at the shooter's discretion.  Cap and ball pistols may charge all cylinders, but only 5 cylinders on each pistol may be capped at the loading table and the hammer must be down on an uncapped cylinder.   If the shooter is using only cap and ball pistols and needs extra rounds, additional charged, uncapped pistol(s) may be staged safely and capped on the clock. (This is based on the SASS Frontiersman category rules for pistol reloads. See those rules for more information.)

    - Rife Reloads: On stages that call for rifle reloads the extra pistols are reloaded on the clock, in the same manner as called for the rifle in the stage instructions.  In other words, if the stage instructions say the rifle must be emptied and then reloaded, both extra pistols must be emptied and then reloaded as needed. If the stage instructions say the rifle may be reloaded at any time, then the extra pistols may be reloaded at any time after the timer has started.  Drawing a pistol, loading and re-holstering is NOT  allowed, doing so will result in a procedural if the hammer is down on an empty chamber or expended round, and will be a Stage DQ if the hammer is cocked or is down on a live round. All reload rounds must be taken from the body per SASS rules.

Shotgun: SASS match match side x side or lever action shotguns only.

Ammunition: Any SASS legal black powder ammunition is allowed.  

Propellants:  Only black powder and black powder substitutes are allowed in all firearms. “Duplex” (combination of smokeless and black powder) loads are prohibited.

Shooting Style: Only duelist and gunfighter shooting styles are allowed and follow the appropriate SASS rules. For example, if you shoot gunfighter style you must follow the SASS gunfighter rules, including the holster restrictions.