Rules for the “I Wish I Was 22 Again” Class (as of 8-February-2011)


In the interest of saving money, providing variety, and just plain fun, a 22 rimfire category for all ages (not to be confused with the Buckaroo category) is now available at the Robbers Roost Vigilantes shoots. Here are rules that are specific to this category.


The 22 rimfire category generally follows the SASS rules, including those concerning firearm and sight modifications. The “Firearms Covenants” section of the SASS Shooter’s Handbook is the appropriate reference for these. Costuming, holster etc. requirements are the same as for SASS age based categories.

Rules Specific to the 22 rimfire class:

Revolvers: Revolvers must be single action type, with either fixed or adjustable sights. These should resemble SASS main match revolvers. Pocket pistols, derringers and “mini” revolvers (such as those made by North American Arms) are prohibited. Ruger Bearcats and similar are allowed. Revolvers with ammunition capacity greater than 6 rounds are allowed, but they may only be loaded with 5 rounds (unless scenario instructions say otherwise).

Rifle: Except for caliber, the rifle requirements are the same as the SASS main match rifle requirements.

Shotgun: Shotgun requirements are the same as the SASS main match shotgun requirements, except the minimum bore size for all shotgun types is .410.

Ammunition: Rifle and pistol ammunition must be 22 caliber rimfire. This generally means 22 Short, 22 Long, and 22 Long Rifle. 22 CB is allowed but not recommended, as the low velocity makes scoring and timing problematic. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) is prohibited. 22 Winchester Rimfire (WRF) is allowed provided the bullets meet the requirements listed below. The SASS power factor requirement is not applicable, however the SASS minimum velocity requirement (400 feet/sec) is in effect. The SASS maximum velocity restriction is waived. This allows the most common and inexpensive 22 rimfire ammunition, typically called “22 Long Rifle High Speed (or High Velocity)” to be used. [Chronograph measurements of several different brands of this type run from 1000 to 1200 feet/second through the author’s 6” barrel Ruger Single Six revolver.] So called “Hyper Velocity” 22 Long Rifle rounds are not allowed. (Examples are CCI Velocitor and Remington’s Viper and Yellow Jacket). Shotgun ammunition follows the SASS rules, except that the minimum size is .410 bore. (It should be noted that if expense is the main reason for choosing this category, 12 and 20 gauge ammunition is usually available at prices much lower than other gauges).

Projectiles: Rifle and revolver bullets must be lead. Plain, plated or copper washed, solid or hollow point, are acceptable. No jacketed bullets are allowed. Shotgun shot size must be #4 lead birdshot or smaller (no steel or plated shot).

Propellants: Smokeless, black powder, and black powder substitutes are allowed in all firearms. “Duplex” (combination of smokeless and black powder) loads are prohibited. (Black powder 22 rimfire loads do exist, but they are hard to find, expensive, and usually custom made or very, very old. Remember that the original 22 rimfire rounds used black powder.)

Shooting Style: All SASS legal shooting styles are allowed, and follow the appropriate SASS rules. For example, if you shoot gunfighter style you must follow the SASS gunfighter rules, including the holster restrictions.

Rife Reloads: For safety, if on the clock reloads are called for, the additional rounds may be loaded at the loading table.   In other words 22 rifles do not have to reload on the clock.

Reactive targets: Rifle and pistol knock downs do not have to fall to be counted as hits. Shotgun knock downs must fall in order to be counted as hits, regardless of bore size.

Scoring, posting, and awards: Scoring is the same as age based SASS main match categories. In order to make the score keeper’s job easier this category may be included in the postings of the overall scores, however shooters in this category are not eligible for any awards in the overall class.