RRV Available Categories as of 2 Feb 2020

SASS Recognized Categories From the Handbook

Age Based -

Juniors (16 and under)
    Optional Subdivision
    Buckaroos (13 and under)
    Young Guns (14 thru 16)
Cowboy (any age)
Wrangler (36 and up)
49er (49 and up)
Seniors (60 and up)
Silver Senior (65 and up)
Elder Statesman/Grand Dame (70 and up)
Cattle Baron /Baroness(75 and up)

El Patron a.k.a. Real Old Fart (80 and up)
Ladies versions of all the above

You may shoot in categories less than your age (except for Junior)

Shooting Style Specific

Senior Duelist
Ladies versions of these

Black Powder Only

Frontier Cartridge
Frontier Cartridge Duelist
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

Ladies versions of these


Classic Cowboy
Ladies versions of these

Plus RRV recognized categories

Senior Gunfighter (60 and up)
Gunslinger   Descripton
Cap and Ball Gunfighter
Josey Wales  Description
Pike Description
Ladies versions of these

I Wish I Was 22 Again” - all ages 22 class – Descripton