Robbers Roost Vigilantes

A Cowboy Action Shooting Club

in Ridgecrest, California

Directions and Map to the Range (with GPS coordinates)

What's New (as of 25_September_2016) 

We will NOT have a match on the 1st Saturday in October
        We will definitely have a match on the 3rd Saturday, and also the
            Muzzle Loader Trail Walk on the second Saturday, October 8th.

The September 2016 Newsletter is available   .doc  pdf 
Scores for monthly match of September 17th, 2016 Category    Overall
Scores for monthly match of September 3rd, 2016 Category    Overall
The August 2016 Newsletter is available   .doc  pdf 


Muzzle Loader Trail Walk,  Saturday October 8th, 2016 Details Here

Monthly shoot on the 3rd Saturday of the Month  Next Monthly Shoot
             Practice shoots on the 1st Saturday of the month, but not necessarily every month.
           Check the link above to be sure before you head out.
           (The first Saturday shoots are dependent on getting help for stage writing, set up, etc. Volunteers are welcome.)


      Scores for monthly match of  September 17th, 2016 Category    Overall    Clean

    Scores for BAMM match of December 12th, 2015 BAMM Results  

      Scores for Side Match Day  November 14th, 2015 Plainsman    Side Matches   

    Monthly Match Archive

    Results from the 2014 Defend the Roost

  Results from the 2013 Defend the Roost

   Results from the 2012 Defend the Roost and the 2012 SASS California State BP Championship  

      Results from the October 2011 Annual Match Defend the Roost !

      Results from the 2011 SASS California State BP Championship and Resurrection at Robbers Roost  

      Results From the November 2010 Shoot - Annual Match Defend the Roost! 

    Results From The April 2010 Resurrection at Robbers Roost and SASS CA. BP Shootout   
      Results From the November 2009 Shoot - Annual Match Defend the Roost!


Latest - September 2016 as .doc      As a pdf


Newsletter Archive

Non-Traditional categories and side matches

Bolt Action Military Side Match (BAMM)

    Bolt Action Military Side Match Information

"I Wish I Was 22 Again"  Category - all ages 22 rimfire category

    IWIW22A Category Rules

 Josey Wales category - who need a rifle?

     Josey Wales Category Rules

"Pike" Category

   Pike category rules at RRV


"Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter" Category

    Same as Gunfighter except propellant in all rounds must be Black Powder or BP substitutes.

"Frontier Cartridge Cap and Ball" Category

    Same as Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter except pistols must be cap and ball, of type allowed in SASS main match.

"The Professionals"  side match - (formerly known as Wild Bunch before SASS usurped that name)
  Read About "The Professionals" Stages At The RRV

          Updates to RRV "The Professionals" Rules as of Aug 09
1911 Procedures    

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